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Belly Rent: Advantages And Disadvantages

There are many factors that lead some couples to choose surrogate motherhood.

What did you do for the rent belly method?

The woman who lends her belly receives the previously fertilized ovule of the couple that has not managed to conceive a child naturally, some from them have even resorted previously to methods to have a kid like artificial fertilization, a thing that they have got not achieved successfully.

Obviously, there are no biological ties between your pregnant mother and the infant.

The biological parents take care of all the expenses that entail pregnancy and childbirth. So, from there arises the famous name of belly rent.

Considering that this method is legal in hardly any countries, many couples must travel great distances, to choose the belly of rent in places where it really is allowed.

The high costs of transfers and the need to become parents are some of the risks and benefits these potential parents should think about.

Advantages of the rental belly

Assisted reproduction is really a technique that already has about years in development. The proponents of surrogacy, allude to the next benefits.

It allows couples incapacitated to have children, convert their desire to be parents into a reality.

For many couples, it is extremely important to achieve biological children.

For that reason, they consider that the rent belly is really a better option than resorting to adchoice.

Surrogate motherhood has a tendency to be recognized more and more in lots of countries as well as presents less rejection by the populace.

It avoids the waiting lists to which many parents are submitted during an adoption process, which in many cases will not crystallize.

Parents can choose for themselves who is able to become the pregnant mother. It can be a relative or close friend from the family and even the expenses could be lower for potential parents.

Disadvantages of the rent belly

The detractors of surrogate motherhood point out that, the term rent belly may be the correct method to name this sort of method to become parents of the baby.

In addition, they allude to the following disadvantages in relation to this technique:

Contempt for the dignity of women, by assuming pregnancy and motherhood like a mercantilist trade and the woman’s body being regarded as a mere object.

Lack of guarantees that the pregnant mother wants to get rid of the baby in question.

The gestated child becomes a commodity because practically a cost is paid for it.

Loss of fertilized lives, as several fertilized ovules must be tested to find out which one is implanted within the surrogate mother.

If the surrogate mother is a relative of the prospective parents, jealousy problems, emotional ties with the baby and even family breakdowns may occur.

The women who offer their bellies for rent through the network, look for the best bidders turning this technique right into a real business.

The law favors pregnant mothers who do not want to deliver the baby they have gestated, after they give birth.

Finally, it is the couple who’ll decide what exactly is best for them when weighing the risks and benefits requesting help at egg donation agencies.