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Hope Now Ministries On Mission To Spread The Hope Of Jesus Christ While Caring For Orphans

Many talk about the concern of a child becoming bonded for your family during hosting, and experiencing the devastation of getting to return them to Latvia. It really is natural for you and your sponsor child to become unfortunate at these times. It is very important look at a few things, though.

More than likely, you will share with your sponsor child many firsts. These are beautiful remembrances for you personally both to cherish and hold close! For these children, these experiences are new and exciting, and will help them develop with the support and love they want. Playing at the park and learning to ride bikes is not just about having fun; its making an enduring connection that will change their perspectives of life! Everyone must be nurtured and looked after, especially the children who have not experienced that so far. The times leading up to departure day will become hard, but not the end. Many families will stay in connection with their sponsor child once they leave!


Every child deserves to become adored and encouraged. Hosting changes their life, forever. They are only a few of the fantastic things that happen once you welcome children into your house as they are just in the planet without a family.

Everyone needs to be looked after and loved to reside well, which shows us how worthwhile it is to take that jump of faith and present a child who requires a fthemily the chance. The hosting program gives an orphan a lot more than merely a fun summer months but expect a brighter future.


The issue of already existent biological families is quite common inside our Latvia program, and can definitely raise concern to some host family. The most the kids we use are in orphanages no longer see their loved ones.

Host families can also be a support system within an orphans life. Children grow mounted on family numbers within their lifetime, biological, or not. You are the voice for the orphans that could normally not be heard. Our goal is to help them find the household members that may provide them with much needed care and attention and love, through hosting. There’s fantastic possibility of their future if they have a host family!


The children hosted deeply cherish the experience of being adored by a family. A way to give the child something to remember the knowledge and your family is to make a memory publication. A memory publication has pictures of the kid, your family members, household pets, places you visit, letter from the family, etc. The publication is essential in assisting the child remember the hosting experience and exactly how your loved ones remaining a positive impact.

Our goal for each child goes far beyond survival. Our expectation is that the children of Jhamtse Gatsal will heal, thrive and blossom within the Garden of Love and Compassion. We envision them as leaders equipped with a sort heart and an awakened mind who’ll not just positively impact their community which remote region, but additionally the world.

We encourage our sponsors to keep their support until their sponsored children complete their education and you will be prepared to be distinct. All sponsored children will have the opportunity to follow their interest, that may include college education, vocational training or both. Whether our kids opt to pursue further education or go back to their town, we prepare these to business lead their lives as compassionate citizens from the world with academic and practical skills to aid them within their paths.

Sponsors have the opportunity to build up long lasting relationships using their sponsored children, who also feel strongly linked to their sponsors. The kids are inspired and uplifted understanding that someone from afar care usuallys about them.

We share the Good News of Jesus Christ through service, love and teaching.

We offer Christian summer time camps to young people who would normally never know such an experience so they could easily get to know Christ.

We build relationships with widowed mothers and other family members that struggle with poverty and addiction and who are unable to talk about their children.

We foster community with the most vulnerable youth who leave the orphanage to try and forge a life without support in the city.

We welcome sponsors from all around the globe. Hope Now Ministries in Ukraine – Sponsor Orphans from the US, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and India can connect to registered assisting Jhamtse organizations in the particular countries, through that they are able to donate to orphanage within their own currencies, receive taxes deductions* in addition to customized support for almost any questions they may have. Sponsors through the other countries are managed by Wish Now Ministries USA.