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How To Plan A Holiday For Parents With Kids In Namibia

Namibia is one of the fastest growing touristic hot spots in Africa. But if you are a young family from America, Europe or Asia it isn’t that simple thing to travel there and start your individual trip through the Country. But this changes: Specialized tour providers, e.g. the Namibia tour provider Intakt-Reisen from Germany, are beginning to configure round trips with a particular concentrate on families. You are able to get there circular trips for group of family members in addition to so called private tours organized tours for individual families.

Namibia is one of the best travel destination options for safaris particularly for families with any young children. It includes a really low population density, which means the crime rate there is very low, the people are friendly and safe and the visa regulations are straight forward. Additionally it is a disease-free region, you will get to travel via infrastructure, and there are great all-round facilities. Most of the lodges are in areas where there’s hardly any dangerous game also it holds an especially low malarial risk.

There are plenty of opportunities for amazing self-driving safari holidays for the whole family. However, regardless of the countrys stunning scenery, it could be hard to keep the young ones entertained for several hours, which is why you will need to put in extra effort to include some kid-friendly activities in your trip itinerary. Families would best like a Namibia safari holiday with teenagers as they would possibly be okay with longer drives plus they would take pleasure in the freedom.

We would recommend smaller lodges and guest farms as accommodation for Namibian safari holidays as they are more adjustable with factors such as mealtimes and most of these have adjoining rooms and big gardens, which are designed specifically to accommodate families on christmas. It is unlikely that might be any special activities for youngsters so that your best bet would be in which to stay a casual and friendly atmosphere to allow them to be nowill end up beingy and run around.

Safaris are quite passive and so the kids will require outlets for everyone their pent up energy. If you find accommodation with a pool which will be your saving grace. Put up tents or build campfires so the children still reach enjoy an experience they could not be able to undertake back in the home.

A game drive is also a great family activity for your safari; just make sure to keep them short to cater for the youngsters short attention spans. This can ensure they reach take full advantage of it and see the zebras, elephants, giraffes along with other amazing wildlife.

If a self-drive is not for you, can get on one of these tours to enjoy the ultimate Namibian Safari family holiday:

– An intensive 3-day wildlife safari tour to the Etosha National Park

– A 6-day combination tour of Sossusvlei and the Etosha Park

– A tour of southern Namibia, Fish River Canyon, and Sossusvlei for seven days

– A short tour to the Namib Desert region and Sossusvlei

– A 7-day tour displaying the best of Swakopmund, Damaraland and Etosha wildlife

– A -day tour highlighting the very best of Namibia i.e. Thelectronicfricat, Etosha Park, Damaraland, Himba, Swakopmund, Sossusvlei, and Fish River Canyon