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Stellar Robot Custom, Unique, And Always Hand-drawn T-shirts By Talented Artist

Stellar Robot t-shirts for children/toddlers are truly one of a kind. From conception to tangible fabric, these designs are fashioned with children/toddlers from age at heart. Drawn and then transferred, these innovative designs are printed in batches of so they remain special and, as always, a limited edition prize for that children who put them on. Stellar Automatic robot is all about comfort, fun, and character. Their shirts are manufactured from / cotton/ploy blend shirts that are incredibly soft against skin yet stay very durable. The really best of both worlds for little racing, auto, and motorcycle fans throughout the world. Its true which they offer select designs outside of the NASCAR/auto racing niche, but racing and cars are Stellar Robots real passion and specialty. A ris definitelying leader within the colorful world of custom kidss t-shirts, Stellar Robot is enthusiasmate about bringing the originality and spirit of the childs personality right into a cozy expression which can be worn and distributed to the entire world around them.

Make sure to check out all of their great designs!

Boy Vintage Race Car Racer

Girl Vintage Race Car Racer

Boy Stock Car Racer

Girl Stock Car Racer

Boy Motor Cycle Racer

Boy Astronaut / Rocket Ship

Boy Go Green / Save THE EARTH

Girl Go Green / Save THE EARTH

Girl Happiness Princess

Boy Pirate

Girl Mermaid

Boy Rock Star / Born to Rock

Stellar Robot t-shirts

Designs they are working on for the future release.

Go Kart Racer

Skate Boarder


Formula 1 Racer



Fourth Of July

We are also working on shirts for the adult kid in you. Check back soon for that sun and moon designs.