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The Best Fabrics For Baby Clothes For Comfort & Practicality

Choosing the right fabric for infant clothes is essential to keeping your baby’s skin healthy, not forgetting comfortable no matter what the elements are outside. However, for first-time parents, this is quite tricky.

Whether you are buying or making the baby wear yourself, below are a few tips to help you choose the right fabric for your baby’s clothes.

What fabric to use for baby clothes?

There a variety of choices when it comes to fabric those are suited for baby clothing. Listed below are the most common and popular fabric for children’s and baby apparel.

Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is probably the most popular choice when it comes to baby clothes. Cotton is absorbent and gentle on your skin which makes it a perfect material for baby wear. However, it is essential that you choose only a fabric made from organic and natural and naturally grown cotton for your baby’s clothes. This sort of cotton is chemical and pesticides free. This can be an important consideration as a baby’s skin is sensitive and more porous in comparison to an adult’s skin. It is possible that their skin will absorb whatever before harsh substances that can be found in their clothes.

Jersey Knit

Another popular baby wear fabric is cotton jersey knit. Cotton jersey knit has the same characteristics start of cotton. However, unlike cotton weaves, cotton jersey knit does not pill. Jersey knit is also known for its stretchability, breathability, and softness, plus it does not wrinkle easily in comparison to other fabric.

Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo is another fabric material that is also learning to be a popular choice for baby wear. Bambo is known for its thermal-regulating properties. What which means to your baby is that the clothes will adjust to the baby’s temperature. So, that is one less worry that you baby will sudenly become too hot or too cold.

Bamboo is naturally soft and flexible allowing your baby to move more freely. Bamboo is also more absorbent when compared to cotton so your child’s skin stays a lot drier in particular when it is extra hot outside. That is necessary for your baby as it keeps moisture faraway from their extra sensitive skin. Not just that, but bamboo is also hypoallergenic, thus helping prevent asthma and other skin allergies.


Fleece is best for outerwear and use as blankets because of its warmth. Fleece is manufactured out of polyester which are woven and then brushed. Sometimes, other natural fibers are woven in to the fabric including hemp, rayon, and wool.

What is good about fleece is that it is resistant to stains, simple to wash, and dries quickly. Which means you don’t need to worry about it  getting stained when mixing with other colored clothes when washing. On top of that, fleece helps wick sweat and moisture from your baby’s skin.


Linen is cool and breezy yet very absorbent. And even when it becomes damp, its structure allows it to dry quickly. This makes linen perfect for baby clothing as it is comfortable and cool to wear even in humid weather. Linen also lasts longer as it will get softer and stronger the more you wash it. Given its durable property, linen is zero-maintenance and machine washable.