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Were Federal Employees Denied Access To Breast Feeding Services They Covered?

A firm Damon McDougal LLC is instituting a class action law suit against a federal health insurance scheme and its provider which pass the name Blue Cross Blue Shield Thessociation. They have got found out that reports reaching them indicate that peoples rights happen to be trampled upon and they’re sure that they can prove in competent law courts a clear case of cheating continues to be established against relevant authorities concerned.

They are handling a class action suit, here they need as many people as possible who have been cheated in this scheme coming on board to state their grievances and lay claim to one kind of compensation or the other which can be due to such individuals who’ve been robbed or conned of these money.

In this case Damon McDougal LLC are standing in for federal employees who are on the maternity medical health insurance plan of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. This health strategy is for federal employees that are lactating mothers i.e. women who are usually breastfeeding their children or babies. Thwill be insurance coverage promises them lactation consultants or lactation experts. These experts are people who are trained and certified in order to supply assistance to these lactating moms and ensure that these mothers are helped through this trying period. This is the promise from the Blue Cross Glowing blue Shield Association.

This promise did not come cheap as holders of this insurance plan were made to pay dollars and above. This money was deducted at source from the salaries and incomes of all these lactating mothers who had enrolled in this insurance policy. The sad and shocking aspect of the whole drama is the fact that these consultants and lactating experts promised from the insurance coverage initiators were nowhere available. The insurance policy prepared by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association claimed that these experts had been obtainable in every nook and cranny of the United States and that they can be available to provide this help mothers either within the network or beyond your network. Each one of these were the claims from the insurance coverage offerrs.

The truth was that when the time came, many women found out that the experts and consultants were unavailable and incredibly hard to come in connection with. These women who had already paid through their noses with this service had to resort to other means to check out other styles of assist to straighten out their needs as they had no consultant to greatly help them. Alas the promise of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association had not been kept.

The truth is that you also may have been in this situation and condition, or your spouse, neighbor, church member, club member, relative or someone you understand. You must not take this kind of assault lying down as Damon McDougal LLC are prepared to fight the reason for people who their rights and privileges happen to be trampled upon. Therefore the law firm encourages all such individuals who have had dealings with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association ahead forward and participate in our class action suit. This evil which Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has allegedly been perpetrated will not really go unpunished. If someone thought he could be smart and play on our collective intelligence and obtain away with it we should refuse to accept such. This type of miscarriage of justice should not be overlooked and when it can be proven inside a competent court that some individuals have run fowl of the legislation, they should become made to handle the music. Visit more: